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Dr. Robert Reese is a renowned hair transplant surgeon whose research and work in this area has truly helped to advance the profession of hair transplantation. He is pleased to provide medical and cosmetic vein care services at our Skin Care Doctor locations throughout the Twin Cities.

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Dr. Robert Reese is a certified and re-certified Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). He is one of approximately 200 hair restoration surgeons worldwide who have completed the rigorous qualifications to attain this level of expertise. As a Past-President of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery he is a recognized leader among hair transplant doctors worldwide. Although the majority of his patients reside in the upper Midwest, Dr. Reese has operated on patients from around the world.

Dr. Reese has also advanced his profession through performing original research on the use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) in the hair transplantation process, and is one of the first doctors in the world to use PRP in hair transplant surgery. He has performed original research via three studies on the use of PRP in the hair restoration process; the most recent study was published in the scientific journal, Dermatologic Surgery, November 2016.

As a renowned expert is his field, Dr. Reese has given lectures at hair restoration meetings around the world on the use of PRP in the hair restoration process. Through these efforts Dr. Reese has advanced his profession to the point that the use of PRP in the hair restoration process is now considered as mainstream and is routinely practiced by leading experts in the field.

Dr. Reese is often asked to write articles on hair transplantation and recently authored a chapter on the use of PRP in hair restoration surgery for the medical textbook, Hair Transplant 360, Volume 3. He has also contributed articles for the publication Hair Transplant Forum International.

After graduating from medical school, Dr. Reese completed his residency in General Surgery and then went on to complete a fellowship in Peripheral Vascular Surgery. He has been a practicing surgeon since 1993, and has been preforming hair restoration surgery on a full-time basis since 1999.

Varicose Vein and Spider Vein Expertise

Dr. Robert Reese is an experienced physician with an outstanding reputation known throughout the highly specialized field of venous surgery. His team has the precise training and expertise necessary to help men and women of all ages find relief from troublesome veins. More importantly, he help’s patients regain confidence and a more comfortable, active lifestyle by eliminating vein problems. Since 1992, Dr. Reese’s venous surgery focus has been on the provision of effective, pain-free treatment.

Many of his patients are surprised to learn that vein treatment is far more comfortable and simpler than they imagined.

With Dr. Reese, you can turn your life around and spend time doing the things you love the most without the fear of showing unsightly leg veins. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with our experienced team.

More Information

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are a common condition which continues to affect millions of people. Not only is it uncomfortable but it is unsightly too. Aside from the fact that varicose veins are a cosmetic problem, it can also cause severe disabilities and other deadly complications.

Varicose veins are dilated and swollen veins which run throughout the length of the leg. They are incapable of carrying blood from the legs against gravity towards the lungs and heart. As gravity pulls back the blood, it flows in the reverse direction and over-fills these veins. This gives the veins a bulging appearance.

Night cramps, heavy tired legs, aching, and itching are few of the effects of varicose veins. Unless treated, these swollen veins can also cause blood clots, skin ulceration and inflammation in the veins.

Spider Veins

Spider veins are not only an embarrassing but also common condition among numerous adult women. This condition is similar to varicose veins but is of a smaller size and causes less pain.

Spider veins commonly appear on the face and legs. These are dilated and tiny blood vessels seen as bundles of small blue or red veins near the skin’s surface. The location of these veins gives them a dark and prominent appearance. They can be branch-shaped, spider-shaped or can be short and thin jagged lines.

Common effects associated with spider veins are minor pain, aches and itching; all of which are not health hazards. Spider veins are largely a cosmetic problem. Many women stop wearing skirts or shorts due to the bruised appearance and embarrassment caused by spider veins.

Spider veins are caused by veins which become swollen and dilated with stagnant blood. This may be due to hereditary factors, prolonged standing or sitting, or even pregnancy. Changes in the hormonal levels during pregnancy can lead to poor blood circulation. This can cause the growth of spider veins.

Hair Restoration

Dr. Reese has performed hair restoration surgery on a full time basis since 1999.

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