Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Descent and deflation of the breast naturally occurs with time, in response to loss of breast volume and weakening of the supportive tissues within the breast.  Weight loss, hormonal changes, child bearing, or a combination of all of above may contribute to this process.

The goal of this procedure is to lift and reshape the breast to a youthful form. This can be achieved by re-arranging the breast tissues and tightening the skin, or by placing an implant to fill out the breast. If it is possible to correct the sagging with an implant, this would be my recommendation, as this results in the least amount of scar formation, and is a much less extensive procedure. It is possible to perform a combined implant placement and tightening of the skin envelope; dubbed a mastopexy-augmentation. This would be performed in the case of massive deflation and excess of skin that cannot be corrected by implant placement or skin tightening alone.

This procedure is performed in the operating room with the patient asleep. The breast is reshaped, and long acting numbing medicine is administered that makes the surgical site numb for approximately three days. The recovery is short, with return to normal activities usually occurring within 14 days.

Breast lift