Breast Reduction

Overly large breasts can occur due to hormonal hypersensitivity in the breast during puberty, family genetics, and overall body weight. This is a common issue, leading to complaints of back, neck, and shoulder pain, as well as rashes under the breast.  Occasionally the bra strap across the shoulder compresses the brachial plexus of nerves, resulting in hand tingling and numbness.  If you are not heavy, have tried the non-surgical interventions of physical therapy and an array of supportive  garments and still have not found relief, surgical breast reduction is worth consideration.  It is important to make sure that you are at your ideal goal weight, as healing is improved in non-heavy patients, and the breast changes shape with changes in weight.  My goal is to give you a nice breast shape in addition to relieving your back and neck pain; a good result that stands the test of time.

Breast reduction is performed in the operating room with the patient asleep. Excess breast tissue is removed, and the breast is lifted and re-shaped into a more youthful shape.  A long acting numbing medicine is placed in the surgical site that will make the area numb for approximately three days. Post surgical pain is minimal, usually manageable with over the counter pain medications. You go home the same day after procedure is complete. During surgery there is a drain tube placed in each breast that stays in place for at least 24 hours, which is removed in clinic the next day.

Breast reduction smiling woman