Skin Rejuvenation

Photorejuvenation using intense pulsed light (IPL) and/or Blue Light is now the gold standard of non-ablative skin treatments. Photodynamic skin rejuvenation involves the application of Levulan, a photosensitizing agent, which is then activated with light therapy. This results in significant improvement in precancerous conditions such as AKs, actinically damaged skin, sun damaged skin, moderate to severe cystic acne and potentially superficial skin cancers. Additionally it improves wrinkles, pore size, skin texture, pigmentation, rosacea, sebaceous hyperplasia, and potentially prevents the development of skin cancer.


  • First, an aesthetician will apply the medicine.
  • After 1 hour, levulan will be activated with IPL (intense pluse light) and/or with Blue Light.
  • You will be given special goggles to wear to protect your eyes.
  • You should stay out of the sun and bright light as much as possible for 48 hours.
  • The skin will turn red and swollen in the following 3-7 days.
  • Some peeling may be noted.
  • There should be some discomfort, but no significant pain.

DAYS 3-7:

  • You may begin applying make-up once any crusting has healed. The area may be slightly red for a few weeks.
  • The skin will feel dry and tightened. A good moisturizer should be used once daily (Cetaphil lotion/Aveeno lotion).
  • Try to avoid direct sunlight for one week. No beaches! Continue using MD Forte SPF 30 Environmental Protection Cream. It is especially effective in protecting your newly rejuvenated skin.