Sclerotherapy is generally done about 2-4 weeks after the laser ablation. At the initial sclerotherapy session, Dr. Spartz will use the ultrasound machine to direct small needles into the branch veins that arise off the main veins that we previously lasered. A small amount of medication is injected into the branch veins. This medication, polidocanol, was originally used as a topical anesthetic agent, thus there is little or no burning that is typically felt with saline injections.

The same compression stocking is applied by our staff after the procedure. Bruising and hard, lumpy veins are normal reactions to the sclerotherapy process. After the one-month visit, most of the sclerotherapy is VISUAL SCLEROTHERAPY. This is the same process, but instead of using the ultrasound to guide needle placement, a special light is used that is placed on the skin surface to visualize the surface veins.

The complete vein treatment process for most patients will take 6-12 weeks.