Dermatological Procedures

  • The Insurance industry states: "Any time a layer of skin is destroyed by the physician or the physician goes within the realm of the body, the procedure is considered surgical."

    Examples of such procedures include: Freezing with liquid nitrogen, scraping, excision, shave, topical application of chemicals (i.e., DNCB, Canthacur) and injectable medications. If you have further questions about the description, please ask your physician or you may want to contact your insurance company.

    This procedure may have a deductible or co-insurance that you will be responsible for paying depending upon the contractual coverage you have with your insurance company. Our office is informing you of this, as there are too any contracts for our office to know how your particular contract reads. It is your responsibility to know your benefits under your insurance coverage. Our aim is to better inform you.

    If you understand and concur with the above information, we ask that you sign your consent of understanding that we have informed you of these potential procedures and your financial responsibility.

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